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Rafael Vinhal Lot 15 (Washed) - Brazil

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Roaster Information

Coconut, pandan chiffon and fresh nectarine.

Farm: Fazenda Vinhal

Country: Brazil

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Altitude: 980 masl

Variety: Peaberry Icatu

Processing: Double Fermented Thermal Shock Washed

Farmer: Rafael Vinhal

Sourced Through: Southland Merchants

After being mechanically harvested the coffee cherries were washed and sorted to select only ripe cherries. They then underwent a dry aerobic fermentation for 30 hours, after which they were subject to a 'thermal shock' stage. The cherries were then de-pulped before undergoing a second fermentation (submerged anaerobic) for 190 hours. Finally the coffee was centrifuged and dried on raised beds for 16 days

Grind Setting

Niche Zero

Double Shot


10s Preinfuse

18g @ 21

Around 34g in 28s


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